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Faux Brick Tiles

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Product categorie van Faux Brick Tiles, we zijn gespecialiseerde fabrikanten uit China, Faux Brick Tiles, Brick Pattern Tiles leveranciers / fabriek, groothandel van hoge kwaliteit producten van de Fake Brick Tiles For Walls R & D en productie, hebben wij de perfecte after-sales service en technische ondersteuning. Verheug u op uw medewerking!

China Faux Brick Tiles Leveranciers

Cultural brick is a new generation of decorative building materials,faux brick tiles surface made art simulation. Whether imitation of natural or antique imitation, have reached a high degree of realism, brick pattern tiles to some extent has become an art object for people to enjoy. UMS here for everyone to recommend a set of villa exterior wall renderings for your reference.
Some decoration style is most suitable for a large area of the house, if the space is too small, not only can not show the style of its momentum, but to create a sense of oppression among the people living in the meantime. Villa exterior wall renderings, allowing you to enjoy high-quality home decoration.

Different villas represent different tastes of occupants living, villa exterior as an important villa
Components, of course, to be able to keep up with the pace of fashion, many villa decoration designers to fashion modern design concepts, will come in handy decorative elements into the villa self-built housing design, it seems casually with, but Familiar with the essence of the villa connotation, to create a variety of styles of villas, let's take a look at these villas design culture brick decoration cases.

Villa, the area is generally large. Villa style follows the main elements of fake brick wall tiles for wall style, gorgeous cultural bricks, contrasting colors, exquisite cultural brick facades to show a more natural installation

Repair effect. The pursuit of modern villa design continuity and spatial changes in the sense of hierarchy, the interior can also be decorated with cultural brick walls, bar, wall background, reflecting the modern villa style.
Modern villa fake brick wall tiles design stylish, steady color atmosphere, into the modern life elements.
Exterior design furnishings elegant color, and blend a small amount of lemon yellow. The design retains the minimalism of villas' materials and colors, eliminating the complexity of the texture and decoration and simplifying the lines. Focus on the decorative effect, with outdoor cultural brick decoration to enhance the style of design.